How Can I Block A Number From Calling My Landline?


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The best way to block a number from calling your landline is to call your service provider as they are able to provide you with a specific code so when they call again you can enter the code and they will no longer be able to call you again from that number.

Your service provider can do this for free or for a small nominal charge and allow you to block up to a certain amount of numbers at one time, although they do need in some cases a different code each time. Some providers charge you a monthly fee for blocking numbers so always check with your service provider before you take up their offered services because you never know if or when you may need to use this particular feature that they can provide. If you are unhappy with your service provider’s response to your request you can search through other providers to find out who has the best options when it comes to blocking a certain number from calling your landline and deals for your normal calling arrangements. You may find another company can offer you a package that will save you money and help you to block certain people from harassing you.

There are other methods available to you, which are tried and tested ways of helping you to avoid or block calls from a certain number. There are a lot of different makes of caller ID products on the market which will display all of the numbers and in some cases names of the people who are trying to call. If a caller number is with held it will state either withheld or anonymous so that you can ignore any calls you do not want to answer. Most machines can be programmed to recognize certain numbers and bar them from getting through. All you have to do is place the number you want to block correctly following the instructions and it will do as you ask. You can also set it to ignore withheld callers and in some machines you can block up to and in others more than 10 different numbers along with the withheld ones.
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My local carrier (at&t) does not block cell numbers or out of area numbers. Therefore, the call block service that I pay for is virtually useless!!
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You typically should check your local phone book or get in touch with your phone company. Many offer call block along with regular phone service. You usually find detailed instructions in the white or possibly yellow pages. Also, if someone's actually harassing you, consider calling the phone company so as to report it.

Another option is a caller ID manager or similar product. Many Caller ID's often display a number as an "anonymous" caller yet others help you step around this. You can program such instruments to simply ignore certain callers, not answering their calls with no ringing sounded off either. Blocking anonymous numbers is another feature as well. You can also route unanswered or even blocked calls to your voice mail if desired.

Typically your best bet would be asking your phone company service provider.

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