How Do I Get A Landline Phone From The Government?


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Getting a landline phone from the government isn’t possible in many states, but there is another organization that is providing low-income families with the chance to have phone access. The initiative is known as SafeLink Wireless, and their website can be found at It’s important to emphasize that not everybody will be entitled to participate in the program that’s available on this website; eligibility is means-tested.

The ways that your suitability for a SafeLink phone is determined includes whether or not you’re currently enrolled in a government-funded initiative such as Medicaid, or the food stamps scheme. In some cases, the SafeLink website will also accept people who are below the poverty line that’s been determined by every state in America. There is only one handset available, and it’s also important to stress that you need to be living at a US address in order to benefit from this offer.

When you receive a SafeLink handset, you’ll be able to use all of the usual facilities that you expect from a standard cell phone: Texting, ringing toll-free numbers and making long-distance calls to your loved ones across the country in different time zones. You get a set monthly allowance of airtime in the form of minutes, and every SMS message you send will cost you the equivalent of 18 seconds in airtime. Expansion packs are available, but the cheapest is $19.99 for 60 minutes, with an added 100 minutes worth of talk time added on in their current special offer.

SafeLink is available in most states, but other areas such as Alaska, Idaho, California and Hawaii currently don’t have the program available to the general public.

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