How To Spy Metro Pcs Cell Phone?


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Charlie Gilbert answered
"Spying on someone else's mobile phone is illegal in a number of countries and is a breach of the victim rights to privacy. It is therefore not advisable to attempt it as, if caught, you could face a fine, or in serious cases, a jail sentence.         

There are a vast number of companies and websites that promise to offer the kind of services that you are asking for, however, very few, if any, are likely to be reliable or even work. These so called 'dodgy' websites are not advised as more likely than not, they will merely be a scam aimed at getting as much money out of you as possible. If you still wish to discover the contents of someone's phone, then simply getting hold of it and looking would be a far simpler option than purchasing spyware from some 'dodgy' website or company. As I am given very few details I apologise, but I must fear the worst and advise you against purchasing, or attempting to purchase any potentially illegal spyware from the internet or elsewhere.

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