How Can I Spy A Cell Phone From My Computer Instead Using My Cellphone?


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You can spy on a cell phone from your computer by doing the following:

  • Purchase computer software with a tracking application
  • Install the software on your computer
  • Use the software by entering in the phone number to locate the cell phone you want to spy on
  • This allows you to track more than one phone, as long as it is a smartphone

According to research it is possible to purchase spy tracking software for your computer in order to spy on a cell phone; without having to use your own cell phone. Whether these products work is something you will have to discover for yourself. This says they have the only online download computer software. They insist that other sites have software that works on cell phones, but they are the only ones to come up with a product that works on the computer and with multiple phones.

It is illegal to spy on another person's cell phone, even if it is a part of your phone plan. Every person has a right to privacy. You will not be able to use any tracking devices or spy devices like the government has. In most cases the online software is not going to be worthy of the subscription or purchase price.

There are certainly software and hardware out there that can make it easier for you to track a cell phone. After all, the smartphone world has numerous applications being created every day to help you track phones.

The question is whether you want to be caught listening in on someone else's phone calls when it is most definitely illegal. The applications for smartphones have so far got around issues of privacy, but on the other hand there is still a huge debate going on regarding this very issue.

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