How Can I Stop My Cell Phone From Being Spied On?


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A phone is an important aspect in many people’s lives so it is a worrying thought that someone else can use your own phone against you. The increasing advanced technology in phones is enabling more advanced ‘spy’ work to occur. For instance, in the past, the only way to fully ‘spy’ on someone by phone was to listen in on their conversations. Now, with many phones providing GPS systems, ‘spies’ can now even locate your exact whereabouts.

There are a few ways to try to prevent ‘spying’ but unfortunately none of the ways are yet full proof. A way in which to protect yourself from tracking is to simply just leave your phone at home or just not use the phone at all. This is because they can only track the phone owner when the phone is on them. Another simple way to stop tracking is to take out the battery. Many surveillance companies provide bug detectors. It has been suggested that a piece of EMF shielding, wrapped around the phone may halt the tracking. The only fix that is seen as truly effective is by taking the phone to the provider and making them wipe the phone all together. This will clear out any hidden software that is on the phone. ‘Spying’ on phones is illegal and so the police can get involved. This is especially the case if the phone owner knows who the tracker is or if the phone owners fears for their own safety.

There are some signs that a phone is being ‘spied’ on. These include, having trouble shutting down the phone or if it lights up once it has been switched off. Another is hearing strange background noises or clicks when on the phone.

These are various ways in which ‘spies’ may be using your phone.  A service called World Tracker can pinpoint the whereabouts of the phone user. There are many programs available that will turn any phone into a long-range listening device. An example of a service that provides this is Flexispy.  This is the famous service that will let you ‘spy’ on your supposedly cheating wives or husbands.  This service uses a phone’s microphone to let the ‘spy’ hear most conversations within earshot.  There are also devices that are cheap to buy which can help access private text messages, contacts and call history even if they have been deleted.
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Talk to your provider and tell them that you think this is going on. They will be able to check it out for you, and will tell you if this is happening. If they can find out who is doing this, then they can prosecute, and you might be able to as well. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Whenever your not on the phone take the battery out it wont allow anyone to spy on you.
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You need to go to your provider some one has tapped into your calls and they will find you who and if any charges should be brought up if it was don on purpose.
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Put it in a little tiny Faraday cage. Of course, you won't be able to send or receive calls or text messages or anything like that, but it can't be tracked or anything either.
If you choose this method (which is just slightly impractical, unless you're being tracked by the FBI or some other conspiracy like that), it's easy to make. (From what I know of them, anyway. I've never actually made one.)
All you need is a small, cell-phone sized box and aluminum foil, preferably heavy-duty if you can find any. Just put the phone in the box and supposedly it can't be tracked, spied on, etc.
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