How Can I Look Up My Text And Picture Message History On My Cricket Phone From Off The Internet?


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If you are trying to access your text and picture message history from your Cricket phone on a computer and struggling, you may wish to do one of a few things.

Some mobile phones, like the Cricket phone, allow you to access your picture messages online for free, by entering information online on their website. Most mobile phones will provide a link to your picture message onto your phone, if you cannot actually access the Internet on your cell phone itself. To find out more about accessing your texts and picture messages from your Cricket phone on the Internet today, try one of the following:

  • You can get in touch with the Cricket company today, or whoever is the provider for your cell phone's network and, therefore, Internet. Inquire about how one would go about finding existing picture messages online and they will be happy to supply you with simple instructions, as long as the system is still in action.
  • You could alternatively look on your mobile phone yourself for any picture messaging texts that have come through and see if there are any links in the body of the text. Use all the options you can find in your Inbox to see if you can find the link, which you can copy into your browser and access online.
There is no information on seeing either the history of these messages or being able to access text messages with ease online. You may need to install some software specific to Cricket, which may make it much simpler to sync your mobile phone and send your texts through it.

If this works, it means that you can save your texts to a computer for viewing at a later date, whilst deleting them from your phone so no one can read them.

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