How To Transfer Big Daddy Spyware To Cell Phone?


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The Big Daddy Spyware website provides details about compatible phones and how to install the software onto your phone, but people considering doing this and buying the software should do their research before making their decision.
According to the Big Daddy Spyware website, if you have a bluetooth-enabled cell phone that runs Java applications, then you should be able to transfer the software onto your phone easily. There is a comprehensive list of compatible types of phone that have been tested to work on the website, although the manufacturers also claim that phones that are not on the list may also be compatible.
Should you decide to purchase the Big Daddy spyware, the manufacturers’ website says that the user manual explains how to get the software from your computer to your cell phone. However since the product is commonly distributed in the form of an internet download you may not always receive any sort of manual with your purchase.
However, anyone considering buying this software should be extremely wary as a simple internet search will uncover numerous complaints that the promised features of the spyware are not in reality accurate. Some experts have said that it is simply not possible to develop software that is compatible for as many different and varied devices as Big Daddy claims to be.
Rather than by a supposedly widely compatible type of software, these experts advise buying software that has been specifically developed for your particular model of phone, as this will apparently be more likely to work.
Big Daddy Technology LLC is a company based in Acworth, Georgia. They have responded to moral criticisms about the nature of their products by claiming that around 90% of their customers use Big Daddy spyware to collect evidence about the activities of a cheating partner.
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Where is the spyware I purchased it did not download on my computer. How do I get it?? You have no phone numbers to contact you.
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Big Daddy Spy ware is a RIP OFF!!!!!
They are just common Thief's that take peoples $69..
Check Google and see all the negative comments..
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I downloaded it two weeks ago and have been unable to transfer it still.  I emailed their tech support, who replied quickly, but after the second email, it was clear that their patience had run short.  Overall, I'm stuck with nothing, wasted money, and my clients are still waiting for answers.  I do p.I. Work on the side.
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Hey guys,

If Big Daddy isn't working for you and you still want some good phone tapping software, check out:
It shows you how to install software that tracks numbers dialled, calls received, texts sent/received and even GPS location (if that phone supports GPS transmissions). The only catch is it needs to be a 'smart phone' :)


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