Where Is The Model Code For A Samsung Phone?


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Model codes for most Samsung phones are found in one of two places. The first place a model code can be found is on the front of the phone, normally at the bottom. The other place that model codes are generally found is under the battery. Take the battery out of the phone and there you will find the model code, the serial number and other information relevant to the phone.

If you can't find the model code then there is a useful website that will enable you to find the model code for most Samsung products. enables a user to input the product details. The information you provide will enable you to enter the product model number in the next tab. A third tab should now open with the model codes for each individual model that is available in that range.

Occasionally the model code will not appear and the only way to get the model code if this happens is to call the customer service department at Samsung on 888-987-4357. When you get through they will register your details, including your name, cell phone number and e-mail address. You will be required to refresh your screen and type in the IMEI number; this will be typed into the serial number box on screen. The product information should then appear with the rest of the boxes filled in, including the date of manufacture and the model code for the product. Once this is complete the rest of the form should be filled out and submitted.

Another way to find the model code of the product is to go to menu settings and search for phone information. This should provide the model, IMEI, manufacturer details and model code, as well as the software version the product is using.
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For our samsung t359 - enter info in the first 2 fields - then I was put automatically in the serial number field - put in the IMEI number(NOT the SN) from under the battery and the other fields were filled in.   Hope that helps.
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Samsung impression sgh-a877
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Umm guy ....

in not sure, but I'm pretty dam positive that, T919 IS the model #

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