How To Reset Nokia 1208 Master Security Code?


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In order to reset a Nokia 1208, you should try using the code 12345. This is the code with which the cell phones are programmed in the factory, and as a result it should work as an overriding facility to reset your cell phone. If you choose to reset your cell phone using the master security code, chances are that you will lose everything on your cell phone. This may include information such as:

• Contact details
• Photographs taken with the cell phone
• Pictures saved to the cell phone
• Music
• Videos you have taken or downloaded
• Any apps you have downloaded for your cell phone

If you do not want to risk losing all this information, you should take your cell phone to a Nokia dealer. They may be able to help you to reset your cell phone without losing all of the data stored on it. There are also lots of small stores which specialize in unlocking and resetting phones for a small fee, and the staff at these stores can usually reclaim your phone for you without losing all of the information on the cell phone.

However, you should question the staff thoroughly before handing over your phone, as they may not be able to keep all of the data stored on your cell phone.

The Nokia 1208 is a cell phone which prides itself in its simplicity - the main features on the handset are its ability to make and receive phone calls, and to send and receive SMS text messages. The phone is available in a variety of colors, including red and black.

The phone also has a vivid color screen. The cell phone is also equipped with a flashlight, which can be found on the top of the phone and is useful for when you find yourself in any tricky situations! The phone also contains an alarm clock and a reminder setting.
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Wrong security
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Ive managed to unlock a 6230 using the links on money saving, however none of the free unlock sites seem to have the nokia 1208! Maybe its not possible and needs taking to a shop for them to use a cable for around £5! Seems a shame because I bought the phone for 10!

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