How Do I Reset My Nokia 5130 Security Code?


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I want to reset my password  I had forgot it?
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This is what I did: I did the factory reset to restore all and then closed my phone and pressed the 3 button for 5-8 seconds. Then you can put in a new code.
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You can try the default security code 0000 or 12345 .If its not work master reset your mobile.I found a free master reset service at .You can use thsi and reset your mobile easily.
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DOWNLOAD Nemesis Service suite
1. Connect your phone in PC Suite mode
2. Open Nemesis Service suite (NSS)
3. Then click on scan for new devices button (top right hand side)
4. Click on phone info button.
5. Now Click on Scan.
6. Select Permanent Memory.
7. Click on Read.

8. It will read the permanent memory file and save it on the disk at following path.

9. Open the .pm file using Notepad.
10. Now scroll until field [308], and on the 5th Record (5=) your security code is saved at there.
11. Like 5=31313131310000000000
12. Remove all “3” and last zeros digit and it will be 31313131310000000000
13. 11111 is your security code.
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My nokia 5130 wont even connects to the PC without entering the correct security code
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My name is marshall..if you have a nokia 5130 xpressmusic and you don't know or you have forgotten the security code, then the answer to that is right here..I have nokia 5130 xpressmusic and I managed to reset the security code in less than 2 minutes..all you need is nemesis service suite software downloaded on your pc..this software is the one that reads system files of the phone will need to connect the phone using your usb cable to it.there is a video on youtube on how to use the service suite to recover lost go to youtube and search for this video then you done..
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I had to reset mine and I found out all you have to do is install the nokia updater software and reinstall the firm ware and it will automatically rest the security code to factory settings.
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How do i get the softwarE? I def have mine on a key pad lock and it is askign me for a secuirty code, and i have not set one that i know of. I can't use y phone
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Just try because who tries they never loose..... Sorry. I m also trying to find it out lets see who will  get it first... :)
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If you've forgot Security code of your
nokia mobile phone,
use Security Master code instead.
Type *#06# on the main screen it will tell your phone's IMEI code
then go to this site
type there your IMEI code it will generate your security master code.
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For nokia 5130,if you have forgotten your security code.just enter this code *#7780#  after the process is complete,you will be asked for a security code,enter 12345.after that you are free to change the code

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