How To Fix Push Power Protector On My Sony S-Master?


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When a Sony S-Master shows the "Push Power Protector" sign on its screen, it is because the system is damaged and has closed off to ensure that it doesn't get damaged any further so, unless you are a trained tech, you cannot actually fix the problem yourself. If this sign is to appear, it means that the Sony S-Master currently has a problem with speakers, wiring or the actual receiver. This is what causes the S-Master to shut itself down, as the receiver ensures it receives no further damage. This state cannot be rectified by resetting or switching the device off, you need professional advice.

Most commonly, the cause of the error is in relation to stray speaker wires that have connecting with the chassis of the receiver or into the connection of a speaker wire. You firstly need to check all connections that are at the receiver's binding posts to the speakers and at each of your speakers. Another alternative cause could be a damaged speaker, to the extent that it could be blown, meaning you'd have to turn the receiver off and remove one of the speaker wire connections, either + or - from the binding post that belongs to the receiver. After you have done this, switch the receiver back on and see if the error returns. By doing this, you can eliminate both broken speakers and broken wiring being the issue with your Sony S-Master, as shorted speaker wire can stop the device from working.

If your wires are underneath carpets or reachable for pets and children to pull at, they may become stretched or torn, meaning the device won't work. Always remember to shut the device off before you start fiddling with any wires, to ensure that firstly, you do no damage to yourself, and that you also don't damage the system or memory. Unless you feel completely comfortable working with the insides of the machine, you need to look for the help of somebody who is in the know.

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