How Can I Text Someone From My Cell Phone If They've Blocked My Number?


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You can’t text someone from your phone if they’ve blocked your number, and really, you shouldn’t be trying.

If someone’s blocked your number, it’s because they don’t want you to call or text them. You should respect their wishes and leave them alone.

Continuing to contact someone – if they’ve explicitly requested that you stop - is considered harassment in a lot of places, and if they decide to contact the police, you could get in trouble. Not only that, but it shows a lack of respect and can make that person feel very uncomfortable.

You might feel as if you’re entitled to text this person (if they’re an ex-girlfriend or an estranged sibling, for example) but ultimately, it’s their choice whether or not they talk to you.

The only way of texting somebody who has blocked your number is to text them from a different cell phone. If you do this, they’re likely to just block that number as well – or get a new one themselves.
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You can't.

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