How Do You Find Your Number On Mobile Phone?


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If you want to find out what your mobile phone# is all you have to do is go to menu..once in the menu screen you will then go to settings...when you get to settings you will then need to click on phone information and you should be able to go to my phone # from that page...If there is a problem you may want to ask the company you got the phone from.
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Three don't have any keys you can press to tell you your own number so if you don't have the card the sim was attached to, and don't have any credit on the sim so you can call another mobile so your phone number shows up on it youd have to call Three on 3333. Make sure you register the sim card. Goto My3 on your mobile and click My Details. If you havent done this yet Three will give you £1 credit as soon as youve filled in your name and address so you could try calling or texting another phone...

Or just goto and order another free sim card
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It depends on the phone some phones have it in the contacts under my phone number like mine does
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There is no way that you can find your own number in your mobile phone. Almost, all mobile manufacturing companies do not have this feature in their handsets. There may be some mobile phone models that support this function.

There are ways in which you can find your own number. You can try checking the booklet, given to you along with the phone; there are fair chances that you may find your number on that booklet. In the other way, you can call on any other mobile phone. Try calling on a phone which has a caller id. When you will call on that number from your mobile phone, your number displayed on that caller id phone.

These two ways are the simplest to find out your mobile number. You call also call on the customer care number and discuss the issue. It is possible that they will provide you the number.

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