What Are Cool Signatures For Phones?


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A cell phone signature can be programmed into your cell phone so it appears at the end of every message you send. They can be personalised so they have a specific meaning for the sender and are often used as cute or humorous jokes to make the receiver of the message smile. Signatures can even become like logos for a person and people will begin to associate that particular signature to a particular person.
Some people simply opt to use their name or nickname in their signature, often with some form of attractive font for something a little bit extra special. Some people include a phrase which is unique to them or a favourite quote which they can relate to and feel it describes themselves or their life.
When choosing your signature, think about something that is personal to you. Many people like their signatures to be clever, funny, cute or thought provoking so take your time to think of an interesting, intelligent and original signature. Take a pen and a note pad and list all the things that make you unique. Are you particularly tall or short? Are you particularly good at something or have a special hobby or passion? Some people like to make fun of themselves in a light hearted way such as someone with an interest in computers may call themselves a ‘geek’ or someone who is particularly small may call themselves ‘short but sweet’. If you are struggling to think of something, ask your friends and family what makes you special and then tweak this to make it original.
Quotes can make interesting cell phone signatures and you can use websites such as ‘’ to find a quote that suits you. It may have been from a famous celebrity or an ancient historian, just make sure that the quote suits your personality.
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I am not sure what you are talking about so sorry if I answered wrong!
  After every sentence you can put any of these:
  *(the first letter of your name)*
  (the first letter of your name) * (the last letter of your name)

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