How Do I Check The Call History Online For My Safe Link Cell Phone?


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Call history cannot be checked online. The best way to check your call history is on the phone itself. There should be a list of your recent contacts that you can access, depending on the model of the phone, through either the tabs on the bottom left or right of the screen or by entering the menu, selecting your phonebook and clicking on the call history there.

Through the SafeLink wireless website,, you are able to check your pending SMS messages and minutes. You can buy top ups for your SafeLink cell online as well. There is also a service online for enabling voicemail on your SafeLink cell if this would make it easier for you to keep track of who is calling you.  Simply go to the website and click on the "check status” tab to see how many minutes and texts you have.

You could try ringing SafeLink with this query as they may be able to trace your call history through their system. The technical support number for SafeLink cell phones is 1 800 378 1684. They recommend, however, that you do not call this number with your SafeLink cell, because it will use up your allowance of minutes. Instead, they recommend that you use a landline wherever possible because the call form a landline is free or considerably cheaper than it would be on your cell.

SafeLink services cover the whole of North America and provide free mobile phones and minutes for those with low incomes. They provide calling, texting, voicemail and 411 directory help services for those that do not have a very high income. You can also make long distance calls and users of the service all get free 911 calling abilities.
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There is no way to check, PERIOD.

I made several calls to Safelink inquiring about obtaining my call history (incoming/outgoing calls with times and numbers like every other phone company, cell or landline, provides either automatically monthly with your statement or by request if you're paperless), and after some extremely unhelpful people at a couple different numbers, they tell me it's not possible to obtain this information. I don't believe that they don't have these records somewhere, as that just seems ludicrous, but the information is allegedly unavailable online or via any other method.

I need this info as evidence for a pending court case in which I'm fighting being given a citation for talking on my phone while driving, and I was doing no such thing. The monthly call log would have proven the fact that I was not using the phone anytime even close to when I was pulled over and ticketed for it. And I doubt the court is going to believe me that I cannot get a copy of this information. I am not pleased.

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Thanks Kass for finding my response helpful and informative as well as your concern over my editorial section going off track describing why I was interested in obtaining a call history like the original poster was also inquiring about how to get.

I somehow highly doubt that if a law enforcement agency or court representative called Safelink requesting a customer's service records as evidence to be used in a major criminal case, that they would be told in broken English 20 times in a row "sorry I am unable to help you with that at this time". HIGHLY doubt it. So the records must be kept somewhere, just good luck to anyone trying to obtain them.

Kass, I had my court date last week and I am happy to say, that even without having my ace in the hole of my usage report, I had my ticket torn up and tossed out ! The prosecutor I spoke with seemed to be impressed with the level of detail in the notes I made the night I was pulled over, which apparently perfectly matched the report the police officer filed about the incident, adding a lot of credibility to me. I explained why I didn't have the service records from Safelink and offered to have her call them, she passed and said she believed me if I was willing to go to that length. Said she hadn't tossed out a cell phone ticket in a couple months, that she never does this, but in my case it seemed the police officer did make a mistake and that I was free to go, no fine, no record of the ticket or ever being pulled over. Yay!
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And oh Kass, I forgot, in my opinion you are right. The way the court system works in the USA is that the court, the prosecutor, has to prove someone is guilty of something, not that you have to prove you are not guilty of something. However with a traffic ticket, there's no jury trial of course, it's just sitting down with what most states call the District Attorney or DA but in CT we just call the local prosecutor, and the judgement of guilt has already been passed by you getting the ticket. You have to then plead not guilty to the ticket saying you did what you did, and convince the prosecutor that you are innocent of what the police officer claims, and why they were wrong and you are right. Most tickets that are contested and not just immediately paid, acknowledging your guilt, are upheld in court. It's difficult when often the ONLY evidence at all is your word vs. a police officer's word, and if that's all there is, you're almost certainly going to lose every time, even though police are just as human as everyone else and just as capable of making a visual mistake like the officer did in my case, I just got lucky and for once the truth was upheld! Whew!
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Hey Mike, that's awesome news! It's great to hear an outcome like that - still sucks that you were dragged into that kind of situation in the first place.

And thanks for sharing details in your experience, I'm sure anyone that's searching for help with this kind of thing will be really grateful to read about your battle.
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You can, it just takes an act of Congress. Send a sworn statement or letter with you name, address, cell number, serial number (found under the battery), time frame and a statement saying you are the owner of the phone. You must state you are requesting call details and get a picture of the serial number. Your statement MUST say this at some point: "I declare under penalty of perjury that all statements contained in this letter are true and correct." Then sign it and fax .

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I always check the call history for my mobile phone but I can"t pleased. I select my phone book and then I check a call history.

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i NEED my phone records!!!! Someone please help my phone was stolen!!!! They will NOT release them!

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