How Do I Check My Call History Online For Safe-link Cell Phone?


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Have a look at their website:; it has loads of information, and contact details so that you can find out exactly what you need to know, or call 1-800-SAFELINK.

SafeLink uses a scheme called Lifeline that has been in place for well over a decade now, and it is funded by phone companies to enable people on low incomes to benefit from having discounted phone services. It was initially put in place for landlines, but has now expanded to include cell phones.

There is a commonly held belief that Lifeline is a federal program and that it is funded by taxes, but this notion is totally untrue.

SafeLink Wireless applies the Universal Service Fund subsidy that is allocated to this scheme, to an allotment of free airtime minutes. Instead of receiving a monthly bill, even a subsidized one, for LifeLine services, SafeLink converts the total amount of discounted service into minutes each month for a total of one year. Included are basic features such as voicemail; SMS messaging; three-way calling; call waiting, caller ID and, naturally, access to 911.

There are currently over two million SafeLink customers over 33 states making SafeLink one of the largest providers of LifeLine services in the United States.

To be eligible for this program, you will need to be a participant in a public assistance program such as food stamps or Medicaid. Exactly what you will be able to receive from SafeLink and LifeLine, including free airtime minutes, will depend on what state you are from.
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