I Want To Unlock My Boostmobile Account So I Can View My Outgoing Calls?


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It is not possible to unblock your boost mobile account via your phone unless you want to lose data or potentially make the phone unusable. If you are talking about accessing your account online via your provider to view outgoing calls this is possible.
You will need to sign up with an online account with the provider, such as Sprint. Once you have a username and password you should be able to view your mobile phone account including the monthly contract, bill, and all data for phone usage. In fact, your bill should show you the outgoing calls.
Most phones also have a "dialled” section under their phone menu to see what phone calls you received, missed, and dialled. You should be able to view your outgoing calls from that area under menu.
The best option for viewing your current outgoing calls before a billing cycle has ended is to look online at the mobile provider website to see recent history. Most companies display what usage you have and how many minutes you have left for your phone.
If none of this works I would suggest calling a technician on your boost mobile account to ask what other options you have in order to view your outgoing calls. They should be able to help you free of charge. You may also find that information in your manual or at least the technical phone number to dial in order to ask your question through an expert.
Hopefully, one of these suggestions will work as there does not seem to be any cheat code available anywhere on the net. There are some services that ask you to pay for the "privilege” of unlocking the account, but it seems more like a scam to me than the real deal.
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I would like to view my incoming and outgoing do I do that ?and can I read text  messages?
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I want a print out of my ingoing and outgoing calls and text messages as well
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My 15 year old son has been using my(me,mom) boost unlimited phone to talk to someone and then deleting the numbers after using my phone and his behavior has been very unruly&disrespectful,and just like a week ago he,(my 15 yr old son) did not come home on the bus from school and we had to track him down only to find him walking on a route that was 10 miles from our home,still not knowing where or what he was up to. If I could review my outgoing&incoming calls I feel I can figure out what he has been up to. Can boost please help me? Very concerned parent,and reviewing my phone calls could very well prevent any future horrific events from taking place prayerfully!
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How do I find this out? Any one that has a 15 year old should be able to sympothize with me as a parent,please anyone someone can you help?

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