Forgot my lock code to sanyo incognito how do i reset it?


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The best way to try and fix this problem is to do a hard reset and re-enter the code, as though you've just got the phone. A hard reset will wipe out your addresses and other saves information, including phone and text messages; however, it will allow you to re-enter the lock code and start afresh. If you don`t have the lock code, you'll need to contact Sanyo technical support to recover the four-digit numerical code.

Obviously, it's not in Sanyo's best interest to hand out these user-specific codes without proof that someone actually paid for a phone. People who try to unlock phones or steal phones and try to use them with lock codes are breaking Sanyo's rules (and the law), so the company will need proof that you are the legal owner of the phone before proceeding to help you recover the lock code you need to reset your cell phone.

Be Careful When Trying To Illegally Unlock A Cell Phone

  • Many hackers on the internet sell their services to people who want to unlock or boost cell phones (in violation of laws and cell phone company contracts); however, some of these hackers simply can`t deliver on their promises.
  • Often, a person will send money to a cell phone hacker via Paypal, and then be let down as he or she does not get the results needed to use the phone.
  • Hackers come in all types - some will do what they have said, and some will steal money from those naïve enough to believe they can unlock cell phones remotely, over the internet. It`s important to be careful and realistic when contemplating this sort of activity.
If you've bought a cell phone legally from Sanyo, and you need the recover the lost lock code for your Incognito model, by all means, contact the company; they will be able to help you reset your cell phone and get it up and running again.

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