I Forgot My Password For My Samsung Instinct How Can I Unlock It?


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The standard code to unlock your phone is 0000. If you have changed it you should contact Samsung who will be able to assist you. In some cases you can unlock the phone by inputting the following code: *2767*3855# . Please note, this code is NOT guaranteed to work. Your sim card should not be in when doing this as it wipes the phone.

You can visit the Samsung website HERE.

  • What does my Password do?
The Password is also known as Phone Lock. It is a passcode that phones often have to allow only the owner entry; thus deterring thieves, tampering, or the theft of information such as phone numbers, information given in text messages or stored data files.
It is usually a standard 4 digit code and you are advised to change the code to a relevant 4 digit code that only you would know.

  • What is a Samsung Instinct?
The Instinct, also known as the Samsung SPH-M800, was an early competitor for Apple's iPhone. It is touchscreen and has internet functions, as well as the usual high end functions of a camera and in-built media player.

  • How do I change the lock code?
Go to your phone's Menu and click Settings. Select Phone in the Settings and then select Security. On the list will be the option to Change Phone Password. Enter your current password and then enter your new password of choice. Confirm that and your code is changed. It can be changed again at any time.

  • Can the reset go wrong?
Sometimes, when wiping the phone, the phone has not then worked properly; it only has emergency call functions. You should contact Samsung, or take your phone into the store you purchased it from for professional help.
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Can't remember my code to get my phone on can you help me
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I called they said take it to the store....

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