Forgot Password For My Samsung Sch R350, How Do I Reset?


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Calling Samsung won't do you a bit of good, and if the password was ever changed, then the last four digits won't fix the problem. Now, if programming can be accessed by a sales rep, then that'll reset the password to the last four digits of your phone number. This way will retain all your information, contacts, and user data. Now, if you want to put the phone back to true factory settings, follow these steps. 14735913580 will open up a new screen. 037 will wipe out your phone's lifetime memory. 027 will reset it. When it reboots, you'll see that your radio doesn't work (no signal), and that there's a CH:30600 error in the bottom left-hand corner. Now, follow these next steps to rebuild the software. 14735913580 will pop the other screen back up. 022 will reveal the 30600 error. Type in 00000 and press the OKAY button. Once it's saved, type in 002 to reboot your phone again. Now, this also strips away your phone number as well. So take it into a store to have them reprogram it, or just call customer service to have them refresh your account and phone.
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If your last four digits of your cellphone number  doesn't work nor four zeros, then call the number in the back (on the inside where the battery goes) and inform them (SAMSUNG customer services).  They will provide you with a reset code or else you will have to reset the entire phone.

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