How Can I Reset My Whole Samsung Solstice When I Forgot The Password?


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It can be very frustrating if you have locked yourself out of your phone due to forgetting your password. After some research, it appears there are rather differing opinions on if it is indeed even possible to reset the phone yourself if you have locked yourself out.

Many have said that you simply can't reset it. You should certainly have a really hard think about what your password may be. Is it something you've used on other accounts? You may well be able to head to another secure account, like your email account, and see what that password is. If it automatically signs you in, you can still count the stars that disguise the password. This could jot your memory of the password.

Some fellow Samsung Solstice users have said you can reset the phone if you type in the following code *2767*3855#. However, this can not really be verified and so you may wish to use some caution before proceeding with typing in this code.

The best advice would be to take your phone to a local cell phone or mobile phone store. They will no doubt be familiar with the model and should be able to let you know the trick in resetting the phone. There are also small independent stores found in many markets and shopping centres that will reset and unlock phones. They will of course charge a small fee but it will work out a lot cheaper than having to buy a new phone altogether.
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*2767*3855# enter that code from the dial screen and it will restore your phone. I forgot my password and did it and it worked. You don't  have to dial. As soon as you enter the # it will start the restore
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Garrett, you ROCK!! Thanks so much!! It worked perfectly!!!
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You can't this phone can't be unlocked if you forgot the code
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There is no way how to...
The Samson company or shall I say corporation didn't make a extra emergency pass code or
any back up statements and I know because I have this same phone.
So in other words "We are scoured"
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angel moreno
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Well i hope im wrong about this...
For our sake lets hope i am because if not well
have to mail it in witch coast like um well "mulay"
and,or we have to by new ones witch once again
involves money...
OH!!! And for anyone i mean anyone who has any sort of connection with the Samson company talk to them about this situation and convince them to find a cure for this problem/situation

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