I Forgot My Unlock Code To Samsung Solstice, Can You Help?


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Unlocking your Samsung Solstice will mean you can use it on any network. Although many companies online offer unlocking codes for a variety of prices, you can often successfully unlock a Samsung Solstice for free in four steps. Before you can unlock your Samsung Solstice you will need an unlock code. Here is how you can obtain it:

1. Find your Samsung Solstice's IMEI number by typing *#06# on the keypad.
2. Call your current network's support and ask for an unlock code; they will request your IMEI number.
3. Turn on your Samsung Solstice without the SIM card in. Now type #7465625*638*CODE# (where CODE is your Samsung unlock code)
4. Your Samsung Solstice A887 should say "Network Lock Deactivated".

Here is a list of some IMEI numbers and unlock codes, by no means comprehensive:

IMEI: 011629000565450 UnlockCode : 4456383857000747
IMEI: 357198003108157 UnlockCode : 8035167969160462
IMEI: 354044030779748 UnlockCode : 41736958
IMEI: 357713012434616 UnlockCode : 89532053
IMEI: 354384010942910 UnlockCode : 88667935

If for any reason this method does not work, do not repeat it as it may permanently damage your phone's system.

If you are unsure or unconfident in carrying out a procedure that may put your phone at risk, there are many shops on the high street as well as online retailers and repairers etc. That will gladly carry out the task for you for a nominal fee.
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Yes I can this happened to me yesterday
go to dial screen
type in *2767*3855#
then don't press call and a screen will come up and your phone will reset(you will lose all data though)
then your password will reset to 0000
btw you might have to turn off phone then turn back on after
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I forgot my unlock code to my new samsung solstice can you help?
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My imei no is 357248016437822 I need unlock code
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I have heard that they make you buy a new phone in this situation!
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Well I have the same issue you will need to send it to samsung to flash reset it for you! You can't do anything. Sorry! As I said I have the same issue and I called samsung, they said I have to sent it to them! :-[

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