I Forgot My Password On My Samsung Gravity T456 How Do I Unlock It?


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The security code for the cell phone is likely to be defaulted at 1234 or possibly 12345 depending on how many digits it is asking for, try inputting this. If it doesn't work then there is a cheat you may be able to try which could help your situation, although a possible consequence of it is that you may lose all data from your cell phone including telephone numbers, photographs and music etc.

If you wish to proceed then the first thing you will need to do is turn off your cell phone. Once the cell phone has powered down, remove the SIM card and then turn the phone on again. Enter the following code *2767*2878#

The cell phone should automatically reboot. Now turn the cell phone off manually for a second time, insert the SIM card and switch the phone back on again. This trick is a couple of years old and may not work on some Samsung models. Other suggestions in the public domain are to use *2767*3855# or *2767*782# to reset the phone. If you are able then make copies of any data on the phone you wish to keep before performing these operations.

More recent advice suggests typing #*7337# or #3825968#* may work also, although the latter code translates to an expletive and could possibly be a red herring. In the event that none of these solutions work it would be advisable to contact your cell phone carrier, they may be able to supply you with the password if you're registered, or if not they may be able to provide further advice.
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I'm guessing you have created your own password, because usually it would be 0000 or 1234 .
I would suggest you call the phone company and ask them to unlock it for you , it should be free of charge and pretty quick !!!! Good Luck

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