Can I Delete Text Message Records?


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In one sense you can delete your text messages from your phone by following these steps:

- On your phone, go to 'messages' and select 'inbox'.

- For each message you can then select 'options' and then choose the 'delete' option.

- If you want to delete more than one message at once, you can go through your inbox and 'tick' the messages you want to delete. Then select 'options' again and select 'deleted all ticked'. Please note that these steps may vary slightly from one phone handset to another.

- There is also the option to select all the current messages in your inbox. Go to 'messages' and without clicking into the 'inbox' section, select the option to 'clear inbox.'

- If you look in the 'message settings' section you may also be able to set your phone up so all incoming or outgoing messages will not be automatically saved.

Despite being able to delete the messages from your phone, there is evidence to show that mobile phone providers are still able to access deleted messages. They will only be able to access these when assisting a police investigation, for instance, as some people argue it infringes on the human rights and rights of privacy for individuals who have a right to a private life that is not monitored by mobile phone or governmental bodies.
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The real answer is that you can't just delete your text because they are always saved somewhere!! Either on who ever you texted phone or saved on the server of the carrier your going through. Just because you deleted them off your phone does not mean its gone. I heard of a texting company called TigerText (ironic because of tiger woods) but I guess they delete text off both phones and the server whenever you want it to. And it doesnt go through the carrier so they never save it. Its just gone from everywhere when you want it to be. Its cool technology check it out
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Yes go back and pull up the text message and hit highlight all of the ma and hit delete or you can call your local provider and they can assist you with this
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Can I pull up my text messages online - or from where do I permanently delete them? Thanks.
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I am having the same problem. I need this done as well. Is there any way I can delete them from online? I need to ASAP.
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Your phone should have an option to erase all incoming and/or outgoing messages in the same menu you use to end texts or in the configuration. It's as easy as just finding it and clicking it and you're done :)

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