How To Hack T Mobile Sim Card For Unlimited Internet,calling,ringtones?


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Obviously this is not recommended as it is not legal. As it is not legal, it means there are risks to your phone and also in getting caught. Once you understand how the phone works, you can identify a means of using the phone free of charge.

  • Understanding how the network works
This will depend on what kind of phone you use and how modern it is. Firstly, understanding the way the networks work in regards to calls, internet and text charges.

There are at least two settings on most current phones - GSM and GPRS. GPRS is what allows internet access and GSM, which is more commonly known, is used to make calls and send texts, anything communicative and basic.

  • Changing the settings
The GSM uses the GPRS to connect to the internet and allow protocol changes. When the phone starts sending texts and information via GPRS instead of GSM, the network cannot track it. To do this, ensure that the settings are changed on the handset. You can do this by entering your menu and settings then, connectivity. Again, this will vary depending on your phone.

You should change the default settings to GPRS and ensure that the GPRS is set to online always.

Remember this is not legal and may not work for every handset and network. If it does not work, then it doesn't work and you will have to put up with paying for the services the company provides.
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Dial #736#, then scroll down, click on continue and choose your plan type where you will have to start again...
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Try getting an european nokia, an old one because I don't know if it works on new ones, and put the sidekick prepaid sim card on the nokia and you will get unlimited free texting.

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