How Much Time Does Your Teen Spend Texting, Talking On The Phone And Online?


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My daughter has about 15,000 a month. I think the constant contact with friend is NOT a good think. Plus kids will say thinks via text that they would never say to someones face which make for bad relationships. Texting is NOT healthy. I have been trying to figure out how to take it off my 17 year old daughter but she is 17 and a great student and kid. I just think texting is bad for teens.
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Mine won't have a phone to do all that texting, I think it makes for poor spelling habits, and as for being on the phone, she is too young for the jabbering on the phone yet, and I limit the time on the computer, and I supervise it. I won't let this stuff take over her life.
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I don't have children but I been there I'm just turning 21 but anyway I use computer a lot when I'm home and even I'm in computer I still talking friends in phone by texting. That what world now I guess all electronic devices was invented lol its addicted but sometimes not good I think.
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It is important for parents to limit the amount of time their children spend on the Internet, gaming, texting, etc. I know one thing... If I didn't control (limit) my kid’s screen time, he would spend all his spare time surfing online. But to limit kid’s time while you are at work is not an easy task. Thanks to my friend’s advice I tried parental control software Ez Internet Timer ( With the help of this tool I can control and set times when the computer can be accessed and my kid has no choice than to accept the rules
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I have a married daughter, a son in college, and one more to go.  They all have their own computer, cell phones, ipod's, etc.  They might spend a lot of time on them but my college student has always been on the dean's list and my last is 2nd in his class. It sometimes drives me crazy, but my daughter is a wonderful mother, my son's excel in school. I couldn't ask for anything more. They are not out doing drugs or drinking and driving so despite the constant texting, myspace, facebook, listening to their ipods, etc, I think we did a excellent job of raising them.
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Believe me, this isn't and never has been Ozzie & Harriet's home or the Cleaver family, we were just blessed with good children and believe me, I thank god everyday that they all have grown into wonderful young adults, that's not to say some of the teenage years were not trying and didn't give me any grey hairs, lol.
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I think just about any teen"s  life is filled with txtin myspace ipods phone etc.
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How is texting any worse than reading comics or talking on the land line phone, something previous generations of teens did and their parents hated?

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