How Do I Reset My Sch-i220?


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The manual hard reset involves the use of 3 keys, but you're not supposed to press them all at once. While your phone is powered off, press and hold the power button until the samsung screen appears. When the screen appears, let go of the power button, then simultaneously press the left soft key (upper left key touching wheel) and the back key (lower right key touching wheel). A screen will quickly appear with 2 options, select option 1 to "format and reboot".
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How Do I Reset My MetroPCS SCH-I220 (Code) Phone?

To reset the handset's factory settings follow the steps below:

WARNING: This Reset will permanently Delete ALL added data from the Memory

   1. From the home screen, press the left soft key for Start
   2. Press the left soft key for More
   3. Select Settings
   4. Select More (7) to display more settings
   5. Select Security (3)
   6. Select Phone Reset (5)
   7. Enter the password (default is last 4 digits of phone number) then press the left soft key for Done
   8. Press the left soft key for OK to confirm resetting the handset to the factory default settings
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Reset samsung r210 to factory
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Hi there, I live in south africa, we have something called PUK, its 6 digit number that you use to unlock your phone with, just enter and do new password Good luck
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To reset to factory settings, follow these instructions:

1. From the Home screen, press the Start soft key, then select Settings ( ) ➔ More ➔ Security ➔ Phone Reset. The Phone Reset screen displays.
2. To reset your phone’s settings, enter the Password and press the Done soft key. A confirmation screen displays.
3. Press the OK soft key to remove all settings and data stored in your device.
4. Cycle power to the phone, that is, turn the power off and then on again.
5. Follow the on screen tutorials and complete the setup process.

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