How Do I Unlock A Samsung Sch-i220?


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This may not help. I'll try though. If you changed your password then I can't help but if its still the standard one then it'll be the last four digits of your number. I'm sorry if this doesn't help but I did that once to and I felt really dumb when someone told me to try the last four digits and it worked.
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It's simple. Don't worry your mobile will be fine. Just check this site ( and then in the space provided type you imei. Then the site will generate your master code( I call it mc). Then enter the code provided in you phone and press ok. It will say code error. Dot lose heart. Now again enter your mobile's default security code (that is 12345) . You mobile is unlocked.
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There is a temp unlock for new sams, but you try this of your own back, once you put code in do not take out sim or battery it wil go back to original state #*7337#

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