How do I reset my Boost Mobile My Account Activity?


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It is incredibly easy to view your activity on your Boost Mobile My Account, however, it isn’t always clear on how to delete the information and start again with a clean slate. To do this, call the customer service helpline and ask for more information and you will undoubtedly be resetting your account activity within no time. The number will be easy to find if you visit the Boost website or search it on a reliable search engine.

Sprint’s Boost Mobile offers unlimited calls through a prepaid service, with the function of being able to check call history on their website with the use of a username and password. Given the calls being unlimited, it could be seen as a good idea to monitor some of the calls, especially if the calls are from minors. This way, you can monitor when the calls are occurring, who to and when during the day. This can prevent your children sneakily staying up late ringing people when they should be asleep.

To view your activity on your account, first check for a call log on your mobile phone. Most models will come with a call log, where you can view your recent call list. However, you can just log in online on the Boost Mobile website with your mobile number and PIN. Then find the "Call Log” section which will provide you with a list of recent calls: Both sent and received. 

If you have managed to forget your PIN number and cannot access your Boost Mobile My Account feature, you can click on the "Forgot Your Account PIN” link and reset it with instructions via a text from Boost. This text should arrive instantly, but can be anything up to 24 hours from time of sending. After resetting your PIN, you can return to the website and log in.

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