I Have Boost Mobile How Do I View My Contacts Online?


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You can view your contacts online by uploading your contacts data to your pc. It will cost $2 though.

It will work if you use the Motorola W385 phone by making use of an optional wireless backup feature.

Here's how you do it:

First , you need to activate the automatic backup between phone and PC. This is what requires a $2 per month subscription (but you can do it once and cancel it afterwards I think).

Go to "Menu," then select "Settings/Tools" and hit "OK." 

Select "Settings," hit "OK," choose "Wireless Backup" and hit "OK." Select "Subscribe," "Yes" and hit "OK." 

You then get an SMS with a password

After that go back to the Boost Mobile Wireless Backup home page 

Enter your number and the password you got by SMS and click "Sign On." 

Then to view your contacts  just choose "View Contacts" from the main menu. 

You can edit and save from there too.

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