How Do I Read My Girlfriend Boost Mobile Text Messages Online?


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The Boost Mobile multimedia messages can be accessed online.  It requires the ten digit phone number and a password which is sent along with that particular message.  They can be accessed using your phone’s browser or a computer.  However, this is not true for text messages.  Even a number of other phones, including many Boost Mobile phones, don’t give an option to access the multimedia messages, pictures, sounds, or videos over the internet.  The online account manager at the service provider’s website can offer further information about the dialed phone numbers, their date, and time.

For reading someone’s messages, a person must seek their permission and do it with their knowledge.  Otherwise, respect their privacy.  Reading someone’s messages is an ethical crime; even if they’re your spouse, it doesn’t give you permission to read their messages, emails, or listen to their phone calls.  If there is a suspicion of any kind, it should be openly discussed as spying can result in the relationship getting even messier.

By reading someone’s messages, a person not only commits an ethical crime, but also a crime in real sense.  A person’s messages can only be available to law enforcement agencies, a prosecutor, or a Grand Jury, under certain circumstances, in a printed layout form.  Someone else trying to hack into this information, in anyway, is a violation of the Stored Communications Act, Title 18 USC 2701.  The act pertains to unlawful access to stored communications.  This can lead to a fine and up to five years of imprisonment or both.
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Only the phone number dialed, date & time it was sent can be seen on the provider's website online account manager.

What you are attempting to do is a violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The only way it can be provided as a printout is to law enforcement agencies, a prosecutors' office or a convened Grand Jury via prescribed written request. Previously mentioned elements would have to contact the service providers legal compliance department for this to take place.

Sorry this might not be the answer you wanted, but it's better than going to jail for 2 years minimum & a $10,000 fine, right?
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The answer is good but having you around technical thinking people is a waste of time. The world would have never reached this far techno wise if stigmatised people like you existed
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Well said!

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