Can I Read My Orange Text Messages Online?


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According to experts, you cannot read your Orange text messages online. However, the service does provide tons of great ways to stay in touch through their SMS features. For example, you can send texts quickly and simply just be doing a little fast typing. When things are noisy or confusing, texts can be an excellent alternative to phone calls. Texting is also a great way to avoid disturbing someone with loud rings, if they might be sleeping, studying, sitting near a sleeping infant, etc. There are plenty of advantages to texting through Orange's services, even if you can't read your Orange text messages online.

All you need is the right phone (one that is compatible with Orange text services) to begin sending these types of messages. You can customize your texts with images if you so desire; this adds a touch of personalization and fun to your SMS messages. Orange is based in the UK, but you don't need to worry - you can still send texts to other countries if your phone is capable of making international phone calls and texts - check the instructions in your phone's owner's manual to make sure.

If you really want to see text-style messages online, consider joining a free social networking service, such as Twitter. Twitter will allow you to exchange fun, short messages with your friends, family, and interesting new people - and it's very easy to log in and see all of your messages online. A Twitter account only requires a valid email, so signing up is a breeze. You can set your privacy levels according to your own preferences. All Twitter messages are brief, just like most conventional text messages - 140 characters is the limit for each message, unless you sign up for a separate application, known as TwitLonger. Twitter is a fun way to see text-like message over the Internet, when you don't want to use you cell phone.
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You need to install a reliable monitoring app like iKeyMonitor to help you record text messages on a phone, which may invade the privacy of your spouse. As we all know trust is very important, I suggest you think twice before you do so.

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