How Can I Text Someone Using A Different Number?


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The only way to send texts as another number is to buy another SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card and use that. The SIM card is what contains the important information regarding your network and phone number. Most phones will allow you to send a message without sending your number by turning your "caller id" off. This means that when you phone someone, a number will not be displayed and they will instead see "private caller". Bear in mind that many phones are locked to a specific network so if you do want to buy a new SIM card to send texts under another number, make sure you buy a SIM on the same network as your existing one to ensure compatibility.

Of course, if you have any spare SIM cards from old phones, you can remove them from the old phone and insert them into your current phone to send texts as the old phones number (provided the SIM is compatible).

If you want to permanently transfer an old number (if you are upgrading an old phone), then this can be done by obtaining your PUK code from your current mobile provider. Then you must this code to the new provider for the new phone and they will transfer your old number. Transferring numbers is not an easy process, and there is more detailed information here: If you really want to text someone using a different number, it's probably just easier to borrow someone else's phone if it's just a one off!

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