How Do I Send A Text Using Another Number?


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While it is not possible to send a text from your mobile phone that will appear as from another number, it is possible to send them from the internet. There are a number of websites that offer users the chance to send a text message that will appear from an anonymous number. These websites will almost always incur fees for using the service. The internet resources that can be used are split into prank websites, anonymous websites and mobile phone provider websites.

• Prank websites. These online sites often offer a variety of services for people to prank their friends and family. Most commonly this can be done through phone calls that can be listened to by the pranker. More recently these websites have also offered the chance to send prank text messages. These texts will normally appear with a made up number or just as a name with no contact details. In most cases the pranker will not be able to see any texts that the receiver gets back. Most websites will charge for these services so it is important to check the small print before subscribing to anything.

• Anonymous websites. There are websites that offer the facility to send texts from another number for more genuine reasons than pranking. This service is often given by email providers, such as Yahoo, and allows anyone with an account to send a text that will simply be received as if from Yahoo. Messengers, such as Skype, also offer this service for an additional charge.

• Mobile phone provider. Any mobile phone owner who has their number registered with an online account will normally have the option to send messages from the provider's website. After the text has been written there is quite often a choice between sending the message from your own number or to send it anonymously.

Messages can be sent from another phone number, mostly anonymously, but it is rarely the case where you can choose what number the text is being sent from.

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