How Can I Send A Text Message Without My Number Appearing?


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There are three ways to send a text message anonymously: via email, using an SMS service, or using a special app. Here is how it's done:

How to send a text message anonymously

  1. You can email a text message to someone anonymously if you set up an email account that's not obviously yours.  For example, you could create a Hotmail account along the lines of "randomwordsornumbers". The issue with this method is that you need to know the network provider of the person you're sending the message to. 

    That's because you send the email text message to their number and their provider's address.
  2. SMS websites are also available to use, and will let you send a text message without revealing your identity. Some of the more common websites are TextPlus, Pinger, and TextNow.
  3. The third option is good for those with iPhones.  You can download an app such as SMSveil that allows the user to send anonymous iMessages.

So there you go, there are definitely ways to send anonymous text messages.  I'd urge you not to send hateful or creepy things to people, however, as it's not nice.

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