Can You Tell If A Person Has Read A Text Message You Have Sent?


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Yes it is possible to tell if a person has received the text message you sent, but if depends on the make and model of your phone. However for the most part it isn’t possible to receive notification if your text message has been read.

There are some sources on the internet that claim some phones and networks will let you receive delivery reports both when the text is received by the other person’s phone, and when it is the read by the recipient. To find out if this is possible on your phone you will need to search online for your phone’s make and model.

Delivery reports are often a feature than will need manually enabling on your phone. Either read the user’s manual that came with your handset or explore the settings for text messages on your phone to see if it’s a feature you can activate.

For example it is possible to receive text message delivery confirmation on your iPhone by adding a code to the beginning of your text message. The recipient won’t see the code and you will get a message back confirming that the message has been delivered and the date and time it was received.

The code you need to add to the beginning of your text message to receive a delivery report on your iPhone varies between networks. In the UK for T Mobile, Virgin and O2 it is *0# and on Orange it is RCT followed by a space. In the US with T Mobile it is *noti#.
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Yes depending on the phone you have, on a Htc, droid it shows a closed envelope with a symbol, when msg is opened they both disappear . My son n I checked w our droids by sending to each other n watched while we opened n enveloped  disapeared only when opened
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I don't think the question was how do you tell if you've read the messages on your own phone...I think this person was asking if there is any way to know if the person you sent a text to opened the text message yet. You can tell if your message successfully sent or not, but I don't know if you can tell whether the message was opened/read by the receiver.
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You can have delivery report accessed on your phone so you know that they have received your text. If they don't reply to your text you wont know if they have read it until you speak with them.
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If you have verizon and you send to another verizon user you can tell if it has at least made it to their phone
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Yes, when you go into your inbox and the envelope is opened that means that the message has been read.But if the enveloped is closed it hasn't been read yet.
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You're retarded. They aren't asking how to tell if they themselves have read a message sent to them by someone else (inbox messages), but rather if someone else has read a message they sent to someone else (outbox/sent messages).

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