Is There A Way Of Reading Someone Else's Text Messages?


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There is a simple answer to this question, and that is no! As well as being illegal, the only way to access someone else’s text messages without them knowing is through the provider, but you are not allowed to do this. Someone else’s text messages cannot be accessed on another phone without a SIM card or unless they are forwarded to another phone.

The scenarios can be difficult, such as if you think your partner is having an affair, but the bottom line is that even if you went to the network provider and requested access to communication through a handset, you would still not be able to have the outcome that you want as the employee would immediately be sacked. It is against someone’s rights for them to have their personal text messages spied on by another phone or device.

To overcome the problems and reasons as to you why you want to be able to read someone else’s text messages, you will need to find another way to put your mind at ease by either confronting the person in question directly or simply asking to look at their phone. Hacking into someone’s phone and having the messages sent to you isn’t going to happen, nor would it be able to solve any problems you may have.

If someone isn’t going to let you look at their phone, it is then your decision at what course of action you take. But you must be aware that you cannot have their messages sent to your phone nor can you have software to access their phone from another device as it is illegal. This is a matter of trust, and you need to be able to rely on the integrity and honesty of the people you care about so that they will trust you back.
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Not unless you have access to the equipment of the phone provider. But even if you are an employee of the phone provider of the target phone, reading someone else's messages is illegal in most countries.
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U should never read another persons texts! If u think they talk behind ur back confront them and if they claim they dont an u've around them long enough to no if they're lyin then tell them if they're gonna pretend to b ur friend tell them u aint takin it!!!! Ur not gonna b lyed to!!u should NEVER,EVER.EVER read someones text messages!! Ok!
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Yes Super bluetooth an download the software install it on ure mobile phone an there you go the device must be bluetooth enabled

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