How To Read Someone Else's Text Message Online And For Free?


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There doesn’t seem to be any free software available at present, although there are ways to do this. For you to be able to read someone’s text messages online, the software available depends on the type of cell phone you have, and will usually come at a cost. The only obvious way to do this for free is to get access to the person’s phone, open a message and read it. Obviously you would need to ask permission first.
There is obviously a reason why you would want to do this and I am assuming that you have suspicions that someone is being dishonest. But taking someone’s property without permission is dishonest. If you suspect something untoward then it’s probably best to ask them outright.

If it is your child you wish to keep tabs on, while this might be more acceptable, it is certainly debatable to what extent you can ‘spy’ on them. It is not all about trying to ’catch your child out’ what your child may think is harmless and fun maybe totally the opposite in the eyes of the parent. Some businesses also feel it is necessary to have this in place to keep tabs on their staff and to make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

The software is apparently very easy to use. It is installed onto the smartphone, you then simply login to your secured online account and there you have it. There a few different types out there for different smartphones so make sure to chose the correct one before making your purchase. There are other features as well as being able to read text messages; it also enables you to monitor calls, videos and photos and GPS tracking. Although just by telling the person there is a tracking device on the phone maybe enough to keep them under wraps.

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