How To Read Someones Text Messages On Line?


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There is no way to read someone else's text messages online. The only way to read a person’s messages is by reading them on their phone. This is not only unethical but it can also be risky and there is a high chance you will be caught snooping on their phone.

There are certain network providers, such as Verizon, who offer an in-depth and itemized phone bill which is available online. This phone bill will not have any details as to the content of the text messages but it will provide information as to what numbers are being texted and at what times so you will know exactly how many messages are being sent to who and at what time.

Reading someone else’s text messages is extremely unethical and not recommended under any circumstances. If you do not trust a person, you should have a serious discussion with them and talk about your feelings rather than spying on who they are talking to. There are some websites, such as, who claim to have downloadable software that you can install on someone’s phone to track all their calls and text messages. This, however, is a huge breach of privacy and is not recommended as a lawsuit could soon follow.
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First you have to plug a paper clip into your phone, then punch the numbers of the persons cell and end it with two then point your phone @ there's and walla your in easy but sneaky you get to see it all!

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