How To Read Text Messages From Another Phone?


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There is no definitive answer to this unfortunately. All mobile phone makes and manufacturers are different, as is the software they are compatible with and the computers they can be connected to.

The question itself is ambiguous; are you trying to read texts from a previous phone without the SIM in?  Are trying to get these new texts onto the new phone?  Are you trying to read somebody else’s texts on your phone?

Without the SIM card in, the phone will not provide you access to your messages, regardless of them being saved on the phone’s memory or the SIM’s. You can save the messages to the SIM and some phones will be able to retrieve these, however it’s not too common.

You can simply be forwarded a message from another’s phone though, to then receive it on yours. You aren’t the primary recipient and the text data will be with regards the latest sender, not the initial one, but the message will still be the same and you can save that on your phone.

A good solution is to load your texts to your computer. The software that comes with most modern phones allows for the transfer and will store them in the system files for it. You won’t be able to transfer them back or onto a new phone but they will be safely stored.

Trying to read someone else’s texts is an awkward possibility though. The inference is deception or intrusion. A text, like an email or a letter, is a legal document and the illicit access and reading of these is prohibited by US and EU law.
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