Is It Possible To Read Someone Else's Text Messages From Your Own Phone Without Them Knowing?


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What you are suggesting would amount to an invasion of  privacy. It is morally questionable to spy on somebody's personal communications.

I'd urge you to consider whether you have a valid case for doing so before going any further. It's quite likely that you'd also be breaking the law in whatever country you tried to do this.

The only time I can see this being acceptable is if you know the person you are targeting, and you were doing this in order to protect them because they were vulnerable for some reason.

Use the techniques outlined below with care, and only in the appropriate circumstances.

How to Check Another Person's Messages
If you have access to the person's phone, then it's possible to copy their messages across to a different SIM card or to memory stick. Then you can install that SIM card/memory stick on a different phone and read their messages at your leisure.

Alternatively, software such as Mobile Spy claims to enable you to intercept text messages. In order to use this software, the phone you want to check will need to be a smartphone, such as an iPhone or Blackberry. You will also need to have access to the phone you want to target for a minute or two in order to install the software.

Once it is installed, then text messages sent to the target phone will also be sent in real time to the software’s server, so all you need to do is log in to your account to see those messages. This will reveal copies of all text messages sent and the numbers they went to.

Since this is an app that is installed on the target phone, there is every chance that the phone owner will spot the software at some point and wonder what it is doing there. This is especially likely if they are an experienced phone user.

Although this software is questionable if used for the wrong reasons, it can be a great ally if you are concerned about your child talking to dangerous people, or if you want to check that an employee isn't misusing their company phone.
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If you can get to his phone without him knowing, you can do it. Go to messages, and then somewhere in there you'll find a "forward messages" option. You can set this to forward all incoming and outgoing messages to your phone.
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Now he has a iphone can you still do it from an iphone?
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If you forward messages, does this mean they won't get them/
Or do you get them also without them knowing?
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You can do it without Bluetooth. You need a phone that takes SIS files like the Nokia n95, n96, or n98, so that you can install SMS Anywhere on it, it will then start automatically when the phone is switched on.

SMS Anywhere can forward incoming and outgoing SMS between mobile phones. The software does NOT have any GUI (Graphics User Interface) or icon. You are therefore not able to see it in the phone menu.

When the other person gets an SMS or call, it's forwarded to you aswell on your phone at the same time. This is what the police use.

You control the software by sending SMS commands to the target phone. You can control the software remotely from any other phones, too.

The following example explains how we can use SMS Anywhere:
  1. Assume you have two phones: A and B.
  2. You install SMS Anywhere on phone A.
  3. You leave phone A at home, and take phone B out with you.
  4. You travel to another country and get a prepaid local SIM with the number: +88888888.
  5. You put the SIM into phone B, and then issue a command to A by sending the following SMS: "SA12345678 D+88888888"
  6. From now on, all incoming SMS arriving at phone A will be forwarded to phone B (which is your temporary local number +88888888).
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Currently I don't think there is any way for you to read someone else's SMS on your own phone. But you can try "blue snarfing".

This is a term used for a type of mobile phone hacking in which you can copy a person's contacts and messages on to your own phone if both have Bluetooth enabled at the same time. It requires special software for your particular mobile.
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How about you confront him, if he denies it, tell him you have a weird feeling that he is hiding something. If you still have the same feeling after your talk, maybe it's not meant to be.

Sometimes snooping around only makes things worse for yourself, so try to just confront him about it. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.
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How can you tell if someone has already installed this software or are able to see your messages on an iphone?

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That is wrong for someone to do. It is none of your business unless this person is your husband or wife.
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What if said person is your mom and your afraid she's thinking about taking back her abusive husband

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