What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Text Messaging?


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Text messaging is a quick way of communicating with friends and family via a mobile phone. Some websites, such as Orange and other networks allow users the chance to send a text message to a phone via the internet.

Nowadays, users can send photo messages as well as text messages, which means that people can share photos with friends and family. Text messaging is useful if you need to get in contact quickly with someone.

Whilst you can have up to three pages of characters in a text, the text message is sent all at once, meaning that if the recipient does not have enough room in their inbox on their phone, then they will not receive the whole of it straight away, and it will only be displayed in parts. In this way, text messages may not be useful for urgent messages, as it is impossible to explain everything in one whole text message and have it reach the recipient straight away. They're still good for a simple form of communication though, and users can add a text message to their photo message if they wish. It's also useful for people who do not have a computer.
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This doesn't give you as much information as you need. Texting has disadvantages too. It can cause spelling and sleeping problems, can cause accidents, and decreases the ability to talk. You can't always be an optimistic person you know!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is an awesome topic.i love it. The information on this topic is so true and helpful. Just wish adults would understand that texting is a good thing.
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Text messages are not very good for your brain because they kills your brain cells.
Sometimes it is hard to find signal for a while which means you cannot call or text anyone.
Not everyone will have a mobile so you cannot text them if you need them.
You can't always get hold of person who you want to talk to, this is no good in an emergency.
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Text messaging is one of the most simple and popular
electronic communication sent and received by a mobile phone.

It has a number
of benefits which are as follows:

1. Text messages get read

2. Text messaging is immediate

3. Doesn't require an active internet connection

4. Download-free

5. Allows organizations to own their audience by sending
bulk sms

Text messaging services can be used to increase sales of any
company by:

1. Increasing client rebooking

2. Increasing retail revenue

3. Improving client satisfaction

4. Generating new leads

Disadvantages of text messaging service:

1. Your message needs to be short as there is not much space

2. Take permission of your customers before sending messages
so that they don't get annoyed with this

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As long as you use the best bulk texting service  you get a lot of benefits. The texting service allows you to send letters in bulk and analyze interaction with subscribers. You create beautiful letters and see how they are read, what links are clicked. You are sure that you are doing everything according to the law. You work with deliverability and unsubscribes. Everything in one place.

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Today text messaging is the most growing marketing strategy
these days to promote brands, business, services and organization. Mobile
marketing come in focus in recent few years, especially due to fast growing
mobile phone uses across the world. Analyst Estimate that in 2008 about 3.4
billions text messages send worldwide The disadvantage of the text messaging is getting unusual text messages on mobile. ---Txtimpact---Mobile Marketing

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Con- texting while driving will have a negative impact on how long you live.
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You don't see your imminent death as you drive under a semi. The picture shows a driver texting-"I'm texting while driving" to guess who death. Death texts back lol. : ) I do not own or claim any rights to this answer and neither does blurt it : )
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A study done by Cambridge University has shown that Texting teenagers are proving more literate than ever before.
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More literate while being more illiterate -unable to spell whole words as seen in webster's.

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