What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Obtaining Software Online?


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The internet is really useful in the fact that we can download products like music, video and software immediately without the requirement to go out and trail through stores etc.

The advantages to buying software online is the immediacy. You can get it now and you don't have to wait.
A lot of the software online is cheaper than buying in stores. this is because it doesn't have the extra charges for staffing transport and packaging etc.
there is often a lot more choice when buying software online. You can search for all the products which do the job you are after and choose the product which is right for you, without the pressure of a salesperson.

There are however a few disadvantages. If you have a question on the product before you buy then you may have to filling a form and wait for a reply.
If the company is one you haven't really heard of then the legitimacy and quality of the product can be difficult to gauge.
You may have to download all the help documents to print off - and if its freeware there may not be any.
Also if you change computers and can't transfer your applications then you make have to ask permission to download to a new machine.
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