What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chatting?


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1 Never trust or talk to the strangers online Because that stranger could be an older man who is acting out like he is younger. Also that person could steal your personal information through online chatting.
2 Don't ever waste your precious time in
chatting with someone Because this can make you more isolated from the real world, and you might get frustrated when nobody is ONLINE, which is bad addiction.
3 Never use chatting abbreviations or
shortcuts in your study writings Because this habit can effect your writing skills and it become part of your regular use, which can also create proper spelling problems.
There are many disadvantages to internet chatting,

You can become an addict,  once you start you keep on continuing without looking at the time,
Sometimes you lose sleep because ususally one chats in the night. 
This can lead to ill health.
You cannot perform to your highest level the next day in case you have chatted the night before for too long.
Sometimes it is dangerous you don't know the identity of the person and someone can dupe you.
It leads to one becoming a recluse.
Wastage of a lot of money

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An advantage is; it makes getting to know a person easier. The disadvantage is, you never really know who it is you are chatting with really.
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The Advantage is:

Meeting new people from around the world! Even finding love!

The Disadvantage is:

It is very dangerous! Because you don't know who you are speaking to! But you can avoid meeting up!
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Everything can be good or bad depending on you using it properly and in a balanced manner.Advantages of chatting include good time spent with friends instead of boredom.You also have a chance to make new friends and make your social network bigger.The disadvantage of chatting is wasting of time and also indulging in unhealthy activities via chatting.
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Advantage: You can bury your boredom within a few minutes by talking with your friends.
Disadvantage: But again, you can never know who the person you are talking to really is.
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The disadvantages are we all waste a lot of time and we may get trapped by the persons to whom we are talking
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Advantages of Internet chatting:

You meet new people
You exchange your views about certain subjects
You can relax because you don't have to see the person physically
If you are shy this is a way of making friends
You can treat some special friends you've met like pen pals, but you are chatting instead of writing letters like they use too 20 years ago
Disadvantages of Internet Chatting:

You just never know whom you are talking too. It could be an older man who is a pervert and acting out like he is young.
You may trust this person and give out your full name; address; email addy; your phone/cell number. This is very dangerous! Tell me nothing when it comes to your identity.
You may think you are falling in love with the person you are chatting with, but could live thousands of miles away and long distance relationships seldom work out.
If you are shy you are far more vulnerable to being hurt by someone on the Internet and may slip up giving them too much information which they could use against you and cause a myriad of problems for you.
Cyberstalking is at it's peak especially among teens. This means a group of kids (just for the heck of it) pick on one person and it's really getting out of control. There are threatens (often the group of teens will act on their threats if they live in the same area.)
Cyberbullying is another problem. This is where one, two or more teens picks on another teen and constantly calls them names. Being young and stupid they don't realize what they have done and the suicide rate connected with this is going up in leaps and bounds.
Note: The police in Canada have a special task force posing as young teens to catch the perverted men who stalk young people. This has succeeded very well in nabbing these criminals. Cyberstalking or Cyberbullying is a crime here!
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You can meet some really nice people, but then again it is so easy to hide ones true self online that you can never be sure they are who they say they are. There are weirdo's out there that are really good at being someone they are not so you have to be very careful.
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Chatting online with strangers is an amazingly fun thing actually. Of course you should always keep in mind that there are some scammers but if you aren't stupid I bet you won't get scammed. So, this way you can just learn something new and have fun or even meet people in your area and get some new friends.

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Chatting is good for teenagers for fun and spending the boring time, and for adults who are abroad, they can talk or chat with their family again. That's advantages. And disadvantages are some strangers will talk and steal your personal data and can even steal the money from account.
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I am guessing you are meaning my online chatting. There is good in it. If its a person that you know you can learn more about them and if its a person you don't know you should not give any information. Accidents happened because people did and people even got murdered I suggest chat with people you know !
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Advantage is can make many other country new friends....but the disadvantage is will waste your time and your result will drop slightly
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Meet new friends, break boredom time, say secrets by chatting. I like chatting very much

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