What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internet In Present Society?


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Internet is a way of life now. Our moms might have gone reading up tomes in their universities. We just Google it up! Internet has madeour life so much easier. We just type in a word and the search engines return all the related things on that which we can then easily access and read.

For your convenience, I will list down some of the advantages of internet and then you can maybe expand them a little bit.

Here you go:

  • Internet has facilitated communication and made it faster by many times through emails and instant messengers. It has helped to make our business dealings faster as a result.
  • Web cams bring your close ones closer as you talk to them over it.
  • Internet is cheaper. Postal mail and couriers cost something to be delivered, whereas emails are free.
  • All kinds of information is available online. A school student can search up information he/she can use for a science project, university students can access a score of journals online to help with research and policy makers can search up policy options and use the internet to completely understand their needs and wants.
  • Internet has also become a means for socializing. You can meet new people through chat rooms and many communities (like orkut) who have similar interests with you.
  • You can buy and sell products from the comfort of your home.
  • You can pay your bills online.
  • Internet has many options for entertainment like games and chat rooms.
  • All information given over the internet may not be reliable because just about anybody can post anything over it.

However, all that glitters is not gold and there are a few glitches to
this otherwise very useful thing. Some of the disadvantages of internet

  • You may accidentally give out your personal information like address and credit card number which makes many a thief happy.
  • Internet is also a very popular way to transport viruses. A mail
    that you open or a program that you download may have a virus code
    written into it at its back end. This may cause damage to your computer
    and may result in loss of important data from your files.
  • Easy access and virtually all kinds of information at hand may
    expose children to things that are inappropriate for their age and that
    might cause them to develop many psychological issues.
  • Internet is such a complete package that you can obtain
    everything from it. More and more people would rather play games on the
    internet (after their PSII that is!) than go out and rough it in the
    playground. This is only contributing to the ever increasing problem of
    obesity and cardiac disease.
  • Internet may cut a person off socially if he becomes too immersed
    in it as people would rather surf the internet than go out with friends
    etc. That is one reason why the number of social introverts is
    increasing in our society.
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I was just thinking the same thing.  When an entire society uses the internet to interact with each other through machine instead through face to face interactions, there has to be a loss of something.....
Not only are we not interacting with each other, we are not interacting with our environment.  You could also look at it as a continuation of radio, tv, and now internet as a sign of technologies continual increase in control of people's everyday life.
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One advantage of using the internet is that if you didnt use the internet you could be looking in a book for around 15 minuits+, but if you use the internet the awnser will be with you in under 5 seconds.

Hopes this helps :)

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