What Are The Advantages Of Simulation Software?


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Dedicated to simulation computer software. It is the same as the hardware emulation and simulation technology tools. Simulation software is developed from the mid-50s up. Its development and simulation applications, algorithms, computer and modeling the development of technologies such as complementary. The goal is to continue to improve problem-oriented, user-oriented descriptions of module capabilities and features of the model experiments. Users of different skill levels of the simulation software can be used in varying degrees on the habit of language to express their problems, to facilitate a dialogue with the computer to complete the modeling or simulation. The primary function of simulation software: ① the standardization and processing of source language, which provides that describe the model of symbols, statements, syntax, grammar, testing the source program errors and will be translated into machine executable source code. ② the implementation of simulation and control. ③ data analysis and display. ④ models, procedures, data, graphics storage and retrieval. The software can be designed to achieve these functions. Simulation software is divided into simulation language, simulation, and simulation software packages three. One simulation language is the most widely used simulation software. Simulation program package is for specialized applications in the simulation program system set up. Software-based staff will identify common program segment designed to be a common subroutine modules, and to design a main program module for calling subroutine modules. Simulation study using this package can be removed from the heavy programming work. In addition to simulation packages do not have the function of simulation software ① outside, or at least have the function of ②, ③, ④ of any kind. Simulation software system to the database as the core simulation software will be an organic unity of all the features together, constitute a complete system. It consists of modeling software, simulation run software (language), the output analysis software and database management system components. In 1984 appeared the first of a database as the core simulation software system that has emerged since then using artificial intelligence techniques (expert systems), simulation software system. This trend of development simulation software will have a stronger, more flexible functions, be able to face a wider range of users.
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