What Is The Importance Of Computer In Education?


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With the ever increasing population of computer technology, it is almost impossible to find an educational establishment that does not use it. Computers are becoming a more and more important within education as both a learning tool for students and for keeping records of all individuals at the school.

Computers allow students to access more information more easily and the introduction of the internet means that this information is available to hand 24/7. Whether this is a good prospect or not is something that is debated frequently. For every factual and accurate piece of information that can be found on the internet, there are ten false ones. This has lead to a demand for school based websites and computer software that students can use without the risk of being fed false information. Computers allow students to collect this data quickly and efficiently and learn skills such as finding relevant information and producing it in a way that can be read by others. As most students will have computer facilities at home, teachers can set them homework projects that wouldn't have been possible with just the facilities available in library books. The internet and computer software programmes can also be used by students to carry out tests for revision purposes.

Computers in educational establishments are not just important for the student's learning. The technology can also be used by teachers and administrators at the schools to keep a record of all of the students' details and progress. Computer databases make searching for an individual student's information quick and easy and it can be updated in an instant. Having all of these details on file and in depth means that, should there be any queries further down the line, it is easy to track any grades, disciplinary actions or absences all in one place.
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The computer knowledge is must for every individual regardless of his/her field. Computer has great applications in almost all fields of life that's why it is now made as an essential part of student's curriculum. Computer studies enable the student to learn about various tools and applications such as Microsoft office, word, powerpoint, excel to perform difficult tasks and enable him to do his assignments in couple of minutes. A student who is good in computers can learn the things easily and consult various sources of information such as internet, encyclopedia for doing his home work. It eventually benefits the student in his practical life as well.
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Computers have become an integral part of day to day life. Since the advent of personal and home computers, they have become an integral part of the education system. Having computers as a part of ones education can prove very helpful. Being good in studies and computers can secure better job prospects, in this age and time computer knowledge is a must.

The computer networks these days have a powerful impact on the ways which individuals, private organisations can communicate with each other.

This age is known as the era of IT business, where every application is linked with computer technologies. The use of computers can make business transactions very accurate, thus keeping a proper record of profit and loss. Computers play a very vital role in education.

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Computers are the fastest and easiest way for students to make a research and look for information.
Computers are aiding teachers in explaining their curriculum for the students to have a better understanding.
The best way to record students marks, attendance, payments, percentage and other related calculations in an organized and sufficient way.
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Computer education is important because it touches the daily life and society. It is essential for students for critical thinking and to improve their ideas, memory & grasping power in this digital era. It will improve economic growth of country. Computer field is one of the fastest field in the  occupational field and will created more jobs in next four to five years.
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I actually use a computer at school. It is great. When you use laptops at school you can save all of your notes on the laptop and you can print out very neat study guides and it wastes lest paper.
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Seeing as more and more companies are using computers, it is vital to have some basic information. Even cash registers are becoming more technologically advanced and are more like mini computers than simple calculators these days.
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Some of its importance in our life is:
  • It makes research easier
  • Takes less time to find information
  • easy and assessable storage of data
  • Always gives up to date information
  • ease of transfering information around the world
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The computer education is most important in this world because the new technology can be used widely. The computer application can be used in business, agriculture, education institutions, etc. ..   

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The computer is necessary in education, Because it uses in daily activity like shopping, documentation, research work etc. . So all people should learn the basic use of computer.

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Over 60 percent of bachelor's degree holders earn their diplomas from public universities and public university graduates play a central role in enhancing their communities. Although the public often emphasizes the benefits of a college degree to graduates themselves, the benefits to society are just as important.

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A computer is an electronic machine that can be used to solve a problem or perform a certain task according to the instructions given for it. Today the computer is used almost everywhere. Computer education is the process of learning or teaching about a computer.
Computers help students learn about the world and know what is happening in it. This helps them to succeed in the future and achieve the best jobs. Computers have become a standard of education all over the world. This makes computer education important. Computer education has some importance: Computer Education and Courses of short-term computer courses, Accounting courses, PHP, tally, software development, Networking and Android training in Chandigarh, Noida, Mumbai all Computer education improves your Research Skills, helps in getting Good Job, helps in enhancing Technology, creating a better Education Environment and makes Communication Easy.

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Computers play an important role in different fields,
including the education system. It makes both the teaching and the learning
processes easier. For example,
teachers can send notes to their pupils via emails, while students who feel shy
to ask for further
explanations in the classroom can do so through Skype.

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Computers can offer several major benefits when employed for educational purposes. They provide an easy access to vast stores of information and knowledge, which would require us normally to sift through enormous volumes of libraries and simply compact it for us at our finger tips. Some benefits may be enumerated as follows :-

1) For research purposes and to collect secondary data.
2) for tabulating and organizing data.
3) For using various design applications.
4) For documenting and writing reports on office applications.
5) for analyzing data and developing graphical representations.
6) For connecting with people on different forums and newsgroups in order to share experiences and gather data.
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Computer is nowadays basic need of human beings. You can use it for listening music, movies and for playing games. Apart from this you can use it for the education purpose. You can access net on it. On internet you can do lots of things.

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