What Is The Importance And Usefulness Of Computers To The Health Sector?


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Using computers in healthcare has numerous amounts of benefits, but its main function is to improve the quality and effectiveness of care and additionally, to reduce the overall costs. However, the use of computers in the Health Sector has been criticised for not being as modern and up-to-date as other computerised systems within a profession sector.

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research is at the forefront to developing and improving these computerised systems. It is believed that with the increased use of computers within the Health Sector, computers will eventually begin to improve the quality of service and reduce costs.

It is believed that the automated hospital information systems can help to improve the quality of care because of their far-reaching capabilities. An example is the HELP system, which is one of the first information systems in a hospital to combine the use of computers for storing and transferring information with using them for giving advice to solve clinical problems. The use of the HELP integrated system shows that the risk of wound infection has decreased significantly when antibiotics are given two hours before surgery. This was the first study of how timing of prophylaxis affects surgical wound infections in actual clinical practice. Additionally the HELP system detected 60 times as many adverse drug reactions in patients. The computer-detected reactions, 95% of which were moderate to severe, occurred in 648 patients over 18 months.

So with the help of a computer system within the Health Sector, data can be analysed and research can be taken in order to benefit not only the running of the hospital, but also the overall well-being of its patients.
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Computers have made incredible strides in the medical sector, MRI, CT scans, etc.  New technologies where once you would have a mild procedure done, would take days to recover in hospital, thanks to lazer stiches, some proceedures can be day surgery, in in the morning and out by the afternoon.  It has also helped in diagnostics.  With microcameras, able to perform more delicate procedures without too much invasion.  Computers are behind a lot of these operation systems and without computers, we would be back to the days of "cracking" people open and possibly causing death.  Computers help in analysing test, such as dna research and development
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Computers have widely contributed in all fields of life including health. There are various diseases which are treated with the help of computer technology. For example, previously if you go for eye check-up then the traditional method of eye-checking was used however, nowadays computerized eye-sight checking is done. Similarly, there are various surgeries which use the computer technological equipment in operations.

There are diverse applications of computers like in hospitals computer databases are used for keeping the records of the patients, and the doctors can access them to retrieve the history of the patients. There are various treatments of the diseases which are also carried out through computers. Even you can sit at your home in front of your computer and can consult the great doctors in the world. In fact with the increase in the costs of doctors in US, people started to get suggestions from the Indian doctors online.

This shows that computers have directly and indirectly contributed in the health field.

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List the uses of computer in the health sector
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Now the days computer is using all over the world and every sector. Computer mainly used for data store. And through internet you can get knowledge about medicines, and so many other things.
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Instantaneous transmission of information and calculations for checking tests. Between states/cities/countries. Just one of the many reason.like they use on csi(yes a tv show) they use a computer to test the smallest trace and spit out a complete analysis in minutes instead of days like the dr's office/testing labs use to. Or let's go into  doing surgical assisted operations by computer from another state/the surgeon is not even in the same hospital while assisting or giving input form another state or country.or how about looking through vast amounts of medical libraries information by simply putting in the phrase or symptoms of a illness and getting back the probable treatments. I am not even in the(know nothing of medicine) medical field but have learned this from tv/pbs/doctors shows. Or what about transplant searches being done from one terminal and being able to find a organ within minutes within the hospitals/transplant organizations. I know your asking about science -so I would say speed of information is the biggest importance being able to do what use to take days,months,years to do is now being done in minutes and hours.
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Computers have revolutionized the health sector. Computers have led to database management at hospitals which does not even keeps track of all the patients but also helps the doctors in retrieving the history of all the patients. Various softwares and automated machines are now available for treatment of various diseases.
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The computers improve the value of medical care. The computers help us to Manage revolutionary ideas and facts.
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Use of computers is helpful in all fields including health. Computer is helpful in all segments of health like diagnostic, therapeutic, administration, reporting, and record keeping. Computer can keep patient records for years. All computers of an hospital are connected with each other through network, so every doctor of all departments can have access to he patient history, reports and medical tests. This technology has enabled invention of modern therapeutic equipments like CT scan, MRI, digital subtraction angiography and many laboratory equipments.  Now you can send your radiological image directly from scanner to any part of the world through computer.

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