What Is Importance And Uses Of Computers?


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This sounds like a term paper. I don't know if you'll find anyone with the time to write one for you as the answer to this, but I can give an idea.

Computers are important to us because we as humans have made ourselves completely dependent upon them. Think of any aspect of human life and you'll find a computer helping to sort, store, find, or use information there. Economies are completely arbitrary now because wealth is just a number on a computer screen: You can earn and spend money strictly through computers for the rest of your life unwittingly -- many people do. Marketing uses computer models and analyses; entertainment is almost only computers nowadays; computers have almost "solved" chess. In a database of mountains of information, to find a needle in a haystack is as simple as using the correct query.

Uses of computers is very generalizable, and you can have fun extrapolating and categorizing exactly what it means to use a computer. To me, computers mean less computational work. Computers are for making human life easier, for allowing us for free time, allowing us to demand precision from our machines. Again, your question allows for a library of a response, and one could say almost anything. If this is as exciting to you as it is for me, then this should be a nice springboard for you to say whatever you need to about computers. Good luck

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