What Are The Uses Of Computers In Hospitals?


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It's very important to have computers in the hospital; after all, the science of delivering medical care has changed dramatically over the past few decades. For example, many machines used to diagnose ailments, such as MRI machines, work alongside computers that show and analyze results. As well, the administration of a hospital is a challenging task - to keep track of patients, schedules, maintenance, and other everyday concerns, databases are needed.

Computers Are Also Used To Protect Patient Privacy

• It's virtually impossible to run a hospital efficiently without computer databases that allow different medical staff to know who is in the hospital and which procedures they may be undergoing.

• Health insurance, health records, and other vital, private information may also be stored on computers. Computers and computers databases (made with special software) can be configured for different privacy levels - staffs with the proper clearance can then be assigned passwords to work in the system. Computers help to protect patient privacy by limiting access to personal health information.

• Computers may be used to assist patients who are deaf and hard of hearing - deaf patients may communicate with doctors or nurses by using a keyboard to type out information and express their needs. Computers may also be used to give hearing tests, as they are used in concert with audiology equipment to prepare information about hearing loss or hearing-related problems.

Special software is often created to handle the demands of managing and administering health care. Hospitals will choose from the best software for their needs, and then install it on their hardware (computers). Hospital IT (information technology) specialists may also create LAN networks (local area networks) that are used to connect employees within a hospital - this software allows for the sharing of files and other important documents. Often, the software used in hospital computers is very expensive.
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They use it for checking how many are the patients are there in the hospital,or the receipt of the patient that has been there in the hospital for some days that they stayed

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